How To Connect Antenna To TV Without Coax?

Imagine the scene, you bought a new TV, and after bringing it home, you discover no coax input. Or you like modern TV, but now you require a coax behind it. So don’t you find …

How To Connect Antenna To TV Without Coax

Imagine the scene, you bought a new TV, and after bringing it home, you discover no coax input. Or you like modern TV, but now you require a coax behind it. So don’t you find any way to solve this problem? Fortunately, we can help. 

How to connect the antenna to tv without coax?

Use a converter box to connect the antenna to the TV without the coax. If the TV requires an HDTV signal, buy an HDTV converter box. Or choose the converter box featuring an HDMI port if you want to use an HDMI cable. Otherwise, you can buy a coaxial converter if you prefer a coaxial cable.

These are only a tiny part of your query. To get the detailed answer, Multiple ways, and every helpful information in this regard, you might keep reading through the rest of the article.

So without any delay, let’s dive deeper into the topic!

How To Connect Antenna To TV Without Coax? (Here’s The Best 2 Methods)

Before we dive into the method, let’s get simple overviews of the vital components that will play a significant role in your process. Knowing them not only helps you to understand our further discussion better but also makes the process easier.

What Is A Coaxial Cable

What Is A Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial cable or Coax cable refers to a kind of electrical cable. It is exclusively used for transmitting radio frequency signals from one source to another. The building structure and high transmitting signal quality make it different from other cables.

This cable is surrounded by a concentric conducting shield consisting of an inner conductor. However, you will find different coaxial cable types depending on their impedance and gauge in the tech market. RG-59, RG-11, and RG-6 are some of the most used and popular types of coaxial cable at present. 

Interestingly, these cables not only assure you about protection but also you will find a color variation among them. So these electric cables are not boring at all from the look. Black, White, Brown – you can choose any one as you need. This cable is also versatile in use, and you can use it with cable splitters without hassle.

Some Flaws of Coaxial Cable

Though coaxial cable is built well, you should be careful while using it. That is because these cables are not waterproof. So if it gets in touch with water, its electrical characteristics might change and make it useless.

Otherwise, it has a shallow melting point with a plastic jacket. So when the center conductor shifts with the shielding, there is a high chance for deformation. And you could not get any signal if the conductor came in touch with the shield. 

Tips: Coax cables are widely used, and there is no vulnerable reason to stay away from them. You can test the cable before mounting to avoid any unwanted problems.

What Is Coaxial Input?

Coaxial input is an input socket in your TV to connect the coaxial cable. Most TV sets accept signals from the source via antenna or VCR cable. But at present, antennas without cable are a common thing.

OLED, QLED, and UHD are modern TVs with coaxial input plus input that uses HDMI cable and RCA phono. Otherwise, you can notice different splitter setups on 4k TVs.

What is a Converter Box?

If your TV does not come with a coaxial port, you may need to buy a converter box to watch the contents. A converter box is a small device with several ports. It is a complete solution for TVs without coax at such an affordable price. 

However, it is a one-time purchase, so you will not need to pay monthly fees. You can easily buy a digital converter box from any online store, electronic store, or retail store.

How To Connect Antenna To TV Without Coaxial Input (Method – 1)

In this sweetest part of our article, we will show you a complete process with step-by-step instructions to hook up cable to TV without coaxial input. We can guarantee you will love this unbeaten process. First, check out what you need before diving into the steps. 

Items You’ll Need 

  • A Coaxial Converter Box
  • A Coaxial Cable

Step 1- Look For Connection Port

Take the converter box and find the connection port. 

Step 2- Connect The Coaxial Cable

Put the Coaxial cable into the connection port. Make sure the cable is not shaking, and you connect it tightly if you want to enjoy your favorite content without interruption. Otherwise, you will not get a good signal, and the connection can be lost during use. 

Step 3- Match the Plugs

Now, look at the converter. There you will find several ports available in different colors, including blue, red, and green. You need to follow the color combination to match the output on your converter box. These plugs will connect to your Television ports and make up the component video cable.

Step 4- Connect RCA Cable

Next, get an RCA cable and connect them to the RCA ports of the connection device. This connection works for listening to the audio on your TV.

Step 5- Attach Video Input Mode

Attach the other end of the cable consisting of video input mode to your TV applicable port.

Step 6-  Power On the TV

Turn your TV on and press the “Input” button from the remote control, and choose the “Video” option from there. What are you seeing? The video should already begin to display on your TV screen. 

So that’s it. The whole procedure is effortless to act, and you should have no more worry about your TV without a Coax. 

How To Connect Digital Antenna To TV Without Coax (Or Indoor TV Antenna) (Method-2)

Indoor antenna or directional antenna is the famous name in this new technology. But, what is the reason? Well, who wants to struggle for an annoying setup on rooftop antennas. Indoor antennas make it easy for the busiest person to hook up the HD antenna with a TV. 

On top-notch, you do not need to go to the rooftop often if something is wrong with the antenna. So let’s go through the simplest process of hooking up an antenna with a built-in indoor facility to your TV.

Items You’ll Need

  • HD(Indoor) Antenna
  • A Coaxial Cable

Step 1- Power off your TV

First, Switch off your TV if it is running.

Step 2- Connect the Coaxial Cable With TV

Now, take the coaxial cable and put its one end into the “RF IN” port of your digital television.

Step 3- Connect The Cable With Antenna

Connect the other end of the coaxial cable with the output jack of the antenna.

Step 4- Make Sure Tighter Connection

Fasten both metal ends of the coaxial cable to ensure a tighter connection of the jack.

Step 5- Connect With The Power Source

After that, plug in the power source or connect the power source to the indoor antenna.

Step 6- Power On Your TV

Lastly, power on your digital tv, and now you can enjoy the contents as hopefully, it starts to display. Try to place the device in an open place or near the window to get a better signal.

Quick Tips 

  • Before buying the converter box, ensure which connection you need for your TV.
  • Call qualified service personnel if you do not have any idea about it or can not install the antenna exactly.
  • Place the antenna near the window or outside in an open place to get a strong signal. The picture can be distorted if the signal strength is weak. 
  • Do not bundle the coax cable with any other cable or power adapter.
  • If you see some channel pictures running well but problems on others, it should not be for antennas. The signal might be weak from the cable operator or broadcaster. 
  • Pay attention to buying the new cable that you are using to connect the converter with the TV. That is because new cables have less chance of being damaged.


Can I Connect Coaxial Cable To HDTV?

Yes, you can easily connect coaxial cable to HDTV. After unplugging the TV, attach your coaxial cable into the “Cable in” or ” TV in” port. Screw it if needed and connect the other end of the cable into the TV signal source. And finally, power on your TV.

How do I connect an antenna to a broken coaxial TV?

If your coaxial connection of the TV has been broken, you can use a set-top box antenna. It has an HDMI cord to connect the antenna to the TV. 

Do new TVs have antennas built-in?

Yes. Though most of the TVs in the market receive existing antenna broadcasts, only a few new TVs have built-in NextGen digital tuners. But the good news is you will find Built-In Tuner in a few upcoming TVs from Samsung, LG, and Sony.

Why is my antenna not picking up channels?

If your cable’s connection is loose, your antenna may not pick up the channels. So make sure the wires are tightly connected to the TV and Antenna. Otherwise, it will get weak signals and can not pick up channels.


Time to wrap up! We hope you enjoy this article and get an answer to your question: how to connect the antenna to tv without coax? As we described each point in detail, you should not have any more confusion on this topic. It is not that hard to crack nuts, right? 

Even using a similar process, you can connect an HDMI cable or component cable with a satellite converter box. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask us by leaving a comment in our comment box. We will be happy if we can solve your problems. 
Good luck with making your aim successful!

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  1. Im in an RV with a high power antenna on the roof and connected thru coaxial cable. My problem is that the TV coaxial connection is broken. Short of replacing or fixing the TV, is there a way to receive that signal at one of the HDMI ports.


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